The Altenburg Fair

Once again, it’s my favorite local event of the year — the East Perry Community Fair, better known as the Altenburg Fair.   I hate the SEMO regional fair, which has a zillion rides and carnies and country music groups and generally awfulness.  But the Altenburg Fair has two rides, a miniature golf course, and booths from places like the local hardware store, where they give away yardsticks.  Most important, they have the Mule Jump.

Mule Jump at Altenburg Fair 2008

In this event, the owner leads his or her mule into the U-shaped enclosure.  The mule must come to a stop, and then jump over the barrier.  Each round they raise it an inch or two.  The mule above, Bucky, won the smallest size category, and is shown clearing the bar at 54 inches.  It was above his ears when he was standing in front of it.

This kid, Preston, kept losing control of his mule Sarah.  They didn’t win, but he’ll be back next year.  You can tell.

Altenburg Fair 2008

Afterward we got a beer or two.  Robin had a brat and a ribbon-fried potato, I had a fried fish, and Sophie had a pulled pork sandwich.  Sadly, we didn’t get around to the Pickle on a Stick booth.   We did have a look at the prize produce, though.

Sophie with the big 'ol pumpkins

Good times, as always.

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