Burn twinkies, not oil

So St. Louis held its first World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday night.   Naturally I went; it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to get publicity for the cause of reducing our dependence on oil, cutting CO2 emissions, and improving people’s health.  And of course, taking off your clothes.  Did I?  Well, the police made it clear in advance that total nudity would not be tolerated, although it appears that lots of people got away with it, not to mention lots more who relied on body paint.

I’d estimate about 200 riders, on a 15 mile route through downtown St. Louis.   We passed Busch stadium just after the game ended, so the sidewalks were packed with cheering spectators.   Will they all go home, park their cars, and start riding bikes to work?  Probably not.   But there may be a few more people inspired to quit buying so much $4 gasoline.

Anyway, a fun time for a good cause.

There’s been a fair amount of news coverage:



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