Update on knee and Wim

Knee: It’s getting much better.  I’m able to spin on the trainer without pain, and although it hurts a bit when I do the leg presses that my PT recommended, it’s still improving.  So I figure I’ll be back on the road soon.

Wim:  Still bringing up the rear.  He’s getting a bit more recognition; a blog post on the Bicycling.com web site now.  The man is a rock.  He’s steady, he takes care of his teammates — I saw him in a rare TV appearance when Cadel Evans crashed yesterday and the whole team pulled him back to the peloton — he doesn’t finish dead last most days, but he just finishes far enough back to maintain his overall last place.  He’s 1 min 42 sec behind Matthieu Spreck.

You can’t just fall off the back and finish at midnight (my personal strategy, except that I probably couldn’t make it over the Col du Tourmalet if they gave me all night).  There’s a time cutoff set by the judges for each stage, which depends in an arcane way on the difficulty of the course, the speed of the winner, the phase of the moon, and the quality of the wine served at the judges’ dinner the night before.  One rider, Magnus Backstedt, was already kicked off the tour this year because he came in 5 minutes past the cutoff.

Anyway, it takes a rare combination of high-level athletic skill and personal humility to be the Lanterne Rouge.  Especially 3 times.  Go Wim!

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  1. Allen says:


    My friend Gordon is going to France to see the Tour on the Alpe d’Huez, and I’ve begged him to get me Wim’s autograph. Meanwhile, for all you Wim fans, here’s a photo of him at the Tour de Suisse:

  2. Here is another pic of Wim at the end of stage 2 of the Tour de Suisse


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