Over the top recap

So, we had a great time all in all.  BTW, Cabell made a successful pitch to call the trip WiMiUp, (UP for the Upper Peninsula), and that’s how it’s tagged in my flickr account.  We’ve pooled our photos — 498 of them altogether — at http://www.flickr.com/groups/779759@N20/.

It was an adventure.  Somehow we managed to have north winds while we were headed north on the west side of the lake, south winds while we headed south on the east side of the lake, and to end the trip, a 15-20 mph NW wind while we rode NW from Manitowoc to Green Bay on the last day.  It was generally colder than I expected.  I knew that mornings were going to be in the low 50s, and highs mostly in the 70s, but these cool temps in combination with the wind (and frequently a mist off the lake) made for chilly riding often.   Several days we kept tights on the entire time.

The Upper Peninsula is beautiful, but often rather sad.  The motels were mostly empty, and every other beach cottage was for sale.  As Bob, the owner of Rosie’s Family Restaurant (see below)

Cabell at Rosie's Family Restaurant

said, high gas prices this year are just the icing on the cake.  The problems really started with the Reagan administration’s union-busting in the air traffic controllers’ strike.  As union strength and American dominance of the car industry have declined, high-paying jobs in Detroit have quite literally gone south, and there are just not that many blue-collar workers vacationing in the UP any more.

Still, I suppose the lack of vacationers worked to our advantage, since roads were quiet
Deer Crossing the road

And the scenery was exquisite.


WiMiUp 036

In the Lower Peninsula’s northwest area, the tourist towns were doing better — not so far to drive from Chicago, etc. — and there were surprisingly many bicyclists.   Several nice bike paths, as well.

WiMiUp 174

Now I’m home icing my left knee, which didn’t really deal with the trip very well.  The doc gave me prescription-strength Naproxen, and I’m starting physical therapy on Monday.   Apparently it’s just irritation of the patellar tendon, but I’m not taking any chances.  I don’t want to be off the bike any longer than I have to.   In any case, we made it.

WiMiUp 308

4 Responses to “Over the top recap”

  1. K says:

    OK, so does Cabell in fact have two pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses, one pink, one red? Or is it the same pair in different lighting conditions?

    I am going to the Lake District tomorrow, but sadly am probably not taking my bike.

  2. Allen says:

    Strangely enough, Cabell does indeed have two pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses. Different color frames, different tint lenses.

  3. Cabell says:

    Ehehehe. And as it turns out, the different tint lenses cover most lighting conditions between them! Awesome.

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