We’re Baaaack!

548.66 miles later, we made it back to the car yesterday afternoon about 5:30, after fighting a 15-20 mph headwind the entire way from Manitowoc to Green Bay.  Cabell has started uploading pics, and we’ll be setting up a pool on Flickr with both of our pics in it.

I’ve lacked web access most of the trip, so I’ll be doing a day-by-day recap with photos after I get home.  Right now I’m at Cabell’s apartment in Madison, trying to blog while Izzy jumps on me, and waiting for it to be late enough to reasonably wake Cabell so we can go to breakfast.

Just a quick plug here — we’d never have made it without Patrick’s early morning rescue mission to swap my wheels and get me some new tires at the last possible minute.  Once again, Cape Bicycle comes through in a pinch.

2 Responses to “We’re Baaaack!”

  1. K says:

    I’ve been and looked at the pictures (Cabell’s only, as far as I know) – looks very pretty, but also very hot!

  2. Allen says:

    Oh, no, it wasn’t hot at all. There was a day or two that hit 80 degrees, but for the most part, we were wearing long sleeves and tights. The morning lows were in the 50s every day, and the breeze off Lake Michigan was often cold and wet.

    Cabell’s pics and mine are both at

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