Now officially over the top

So we got up Monday morning and went to a bike shop — Cycle Path in Menominee, where I had one burning desire: to get a new magnet for my bike computer.  When I switched the wheels, I forgot to move the magnet from the spokes of the front wheel, and without it the bike computer doesn’t know how fast or far you’re going.  So we got there right at opening time* and I walked in and asked if they had a replacement magnet for a Cateye computer.  The shop owner went back to look, saying “I’ve never thought about that, but it makes sense to stock them.”  He didn’t find one, so he took one out of a new computer box and charged me $3.  A deal, considering my computer is worthless without it.  Cabell also got some gloves — she forgot her new pink ones at home, sadly. 

We had an uneventful day riding from Menominee to Gladstone, except that there was a constant 10-15 mph headwind.  We were beat when we got to Gladstone.  And we weren’t sure where the hotel was.  I called them and asked, and they said we were on the right road, but when we got to 1226, there was no hotel.  I realized finally that we were on SOUTH Lakeside Drive, and the hotel was on NORTH… so we’re riding along, more or less sure we’re going the right way, and this red pickup truck pulls up next to us, the guy rolls down his window, and yells “It’s just about 3/4 of a mile up the road! We’re on the left!”

I did a double or triple take, and finally said “Thanks!” as he sped off.  We got to our hotel, and sure enough, there was the guy behind the desk.  He said “Well, after I got off the phone, I said ‘Crap! Those are the people coming in on bikes!’ And my wife said ‘Yeah, I just passed them down by the gas station.’ So I went out to check on you.”  Full service at the Shorewood Motel in Gladstone.  And btw, only a half-mile walk to a bar with burgers. 

The next day, Tuesday, was much easier riding, and we had lunch at Rosie’s Family Restaurant**, which has great food.  Homemade whole wheat toast, hashbrowns, and a huge omelet.  Yum.

Today we thought we’d get rained on, but the weather was actually very good.  We were well ahead of schedule as we passed the very top of Lake Michigan, and then Cabell had a flat.  I put a new tube in — she’d run over a big piece of wood, at least 1/8 inch thick, that went right through the tire.  I lined the tire with a piece of PowerBar wrapper.  But when she got back on, the brakes rubbed, as the wheel was now out of true.  Fortunately, it was only 6 miles to St. Ignace, our stop for the day, so I adjusted her brakes really loose so they wouldn’t rub, and away we went. ***

In St. Ignace we went to Marlee’s Cruisers, the only bike shop in town — with some trepidation, as the name doesn’t suggest our bikes — but the guys were very helpful, and stocked tires and tubes the right size, trued the wheel, and adjusted the brakes perfectly. 

Now we need to eat and do laundry.  And drink. Tomorrow we head across the Mackinac Bridge onto the Lower Peninsula. 

* I made and printed out a list of all bike shops on the route in advance — you know you’ll need them.

** I’ve forgotten where it is. Somewhere between Gladstone and Manistique.

*** BTW, Cabell has the dirtiest bike in the universe.  Yuck.

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  1. Matt says:

    What is your favorite Drink en route. Mine was the Arizona Tropical Tea that I have only found in Florida and would pound them at every stop!


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