Made it to Michigan

As planned, we got on the road at 8 AM and drove to Green Bay, where we parked the car in long term parking at the airport.  We then proceeded to ride the wrong way down the wrong road for about a mile, before I discovered the problem, and wound up climbing a totally unnecessary hill in the process.  After a lot of asking directions and puzzling over maps, we finally got out of the Green Bay metro area, and away from all the traffic, and suddenly, as we pedaled down a quiet road, I looked over to the right, and there was Lake Michigan!

It’s pretty up this way — little houses out in the country right on the lakefront, no doubt obscenely overpriced.  A lot of them are for sale, too.  I think I’ll have to pass.  Still, we were enjoying the quiet and the view.  About 2 in the afternoon we found ourselves heading into a very ominous black storm front, and by 3 it was thundering and pouring rain.  We turned off into a driveway, and took refuge in an open garage.  I knocked on the door of the house, but no one was home.  So we just huddled in the garage about half an hour until the rain slacked off a bit. 

Eventually we put on our rain pants and jackets and braved the road again.  All in all, we rode in the rain for about an hour and a half.  I was regretting having left my waterproof shoe covers.  Eventually the sun came out, and we crossed a little bridge into Menominee, Michigan. 

 Our hotel is located right on a bay of the lake, but all we did was walk in, take showers, order pizza, and collapse.  That was a 70 mile day, starting after 11 AM; today is only about 60 miles, and I’m hoping we can get on the road a bit earlier. 

Checking into the hotel, there’s this moment filling out the little card:

“Just put your license number or at least the make an color of your car there.”

“Ummm… We didn’t actually bring one…”

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  1. Matt says:

    Wish I was there and thank you for the posts!

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