Over the top — ready to go

After yesterday morning’s panic fest, I managed to get to Madison a bit before 6 PM, and Cabell and I went out for tacos.  Now I’ve been up since 5, and Cabell is almost ready to go.  We compromised on the start time.

Me: “6:00.”

Cabell:  “No.  How about 8:30?”

Me: “How about 7?”

Cabell: “8:00 and I get to sleep in the car on the way to Green Bay.”

I think I need to work on my negotiation skills.

2 Responses to “Over the top — ready to go”

  1. K says:

    Have fun!

  2. Cabell says:

    I’d just like to point out that actually I did NOT sleep in the car. I rested my eyes a few times, but SOMEBODY kept talking.

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