An inauspicious start

So Thursday I decided to get a new front tire, just to be sure, since the old one had about 2000 miles on it.  Took the wheel in to Cape Bicycle, and Patrick put the new front tire on.  Now the wheels are fairly new — I broke two spokes on the rear wheel over the past couple of months, so I decided to get some beefier wheels.  Andy mentioned when I picked them up that it’s a bit hard to get the tires on them.  They’re Rhyno Lites, and the flange on the rim is unusually deep, making it tough to pry the tire on and off.  Anyway, I watched Patrick put the new tire on the front, and saw that even he had to use levers to do it.

Last night I loaded all the gear on the bike for a test ride, started to push it down the hallway, and found the front tire flat.  Okay, I have spare tubes.  So I got the old one out — looked like a pinch or fold on the inner surface — and put a new one in.  Not real easy.

This morning the first thing I did when I got up was feel the front tire.  Yeah, it was going flat.  So I pulled out the tube — I don’t know what was wrong with it, because I pinched it with a pry bar while removing the tire, and made a couple of big holes.

Started to put the new tube in, and I put a little air in it so I could get wrinkles out.  While using a pry bar to tuck the tire in to the rim — pssssssssttt.

So, here I am.  I imagine I could get a tube in there and get it inflated, but if I get a flat on the road, I’m not at all confident that I can fix it.  The odds aren’t looking very good.  I have my old wheels, with the broken spoke already repaired, so I’m thinking now that I’ll just take the bike in to the shop this morning and see if we can’t put the old wheels back on — not having a freewheel tool I can’t change out the rear one, and besides I don’t have the rim liners for them.

Take home message — I’m not leaving at 7 this morning for Madison; more like 10 at the earliest.  Aaarrghh.

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