Peru trip recap, days 1 and 2

We drove up to St. Louis on Tuesday afternoon, had dinner at Applebee’s, and spent the night in the airport Drury hotel.  Got up bright and way too early and went to the airport, where we caught a plane to Miami and a 6-hour layover.

The endless layover

Then we flew to Lima, where we arrived quite late at night, met Ralph, our guide, and found that most of our luggage hadn’t made it. After an extra couple of hours waiting and filling out forms, we finally got to our hotel around 1 AM.

Day 2 pics.

The next morning we got on the tour bus and went, in rapid succession, to the National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology of Peru, the church and cloister of San Francisco, the cloister of Santo Domingo, the Plaza Mayor, and the Cathedral.  I have to say that I’m having trouble even identifying these in the pictures — it was a bit too much too fast.  You couldn’t take photos in many parts of the cathedral, so if you see a picture that isn’t there, that’s probably where it was.  We did finish up our visit by touring the catacombs.  There are something like 30,000 burials under the cathedral, and the bones have been excavated, sorted by type, and piled in various bins and niches.  A circular well filled with an artful arrangement of skulls and radiating femurs.

Our hotel was in Miraflores, a newer, upscale section of Lima near the ocean. On the way back, we stopped at the Love Park

Parque del Amor

and then went to an upscale open-air mall built on three levels against the cliff face overlooking the Pacific. We had a lovely dinner there, and a couple of beers, and then walked to the hotel.

My impression of Lima itself is that it’s large (variously described to us as 8, 9, or 10 million people), dirty (windows everywhere are coated with a film of pollution), and cloudy all the time. The museum was interesting, but I was quickly ready to go to the highlands.

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