I am the coolest kid on the block

The DavidHasselhoff5 gang meet every Wednesday night at 10 PM at Burritoville to ride bikes and drink beer.  I’ve only been once before — last Halloween, in a little black dress.   Last night it was finally warm out, and I decided it was time to debut the Spoke POV.   This is a set of printed circuit boards that go in the bike wheel, and have a row of leds on each side that light up in a pattern that makes a picture when the wheel goes around.  You connect them with a USB cable to your computer and upload whatever pic you like, although there aren’t that many pixels, so simplicity is the key.  I put in a cat:

Cat for Spoke POV

Needless to say, it was an enormous hit with the other kids.  As a plus, I’m visible from space.

Yes, this is my midlife crisis.  It’s cheaper than a sportscar or a mistress.

2 Responses to “I am the coolest kid on the block”

  1. Reno says:

    I am speechless with admiration.

  2. K says:

    Oh, I like!

    But then, when I was ten I had Spokeys on my bike. You know, the fluorescent bead thingies that go on the spokes, and are flung to the edge of the wheel when you go fast, but bounce up and down and make a racket when you go slowly.

    So I probably have a taste for this kind of thing…

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