The laundry basket was overflowing today.  So I sorted stuff, and filled a basket with biking clothes, along with underwear and socks.  And then I dumped it all in the washer, added some detergent, selected cold and regular speed, and went upstairs to watch TV with Robin.

Later, I paused the movie we were watching and went down to put stuff in the dryer.  I opened the washer to find the hindmost 2 feet of a large black rat snake lying on top of my clothes.

I like snakes.  Whole ones.  Pieces of snakes, in my laundry, kind of gross me out.

I went through all my clothes three times.  No other pieces, except a green wobbly bit* stuck to the side of the interior of the washer.   I’m now running the washer with just water to clean it out and I hope flush out any hidden snake parts.


*Don’t eat those.

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