Before and After

We moved into the schoolhouse 14 years ago. That spring when we were still in the process of closing the deal, we came out one day and I took some pictures. Here are a couple of before and after shots — 1994 on the left, 2008 on the right.

The driveway Our yard
The yard looking south Our yard

The trees have gotten bigger, and the driveway really needs some work, and there’s a drainage problem. They also tore down the house to the south of us, not that you could see it through the trees now anyway.

5 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. K says:

    But such a big garden! such a lot of space!

  2. Allen says:

    3.75 acres, to be precise. I keep having to remind myself that when you say “garden”, it means what I mean when I say “yard.” To my mind, I have only a few very small gardens, one with perennials, one with daylilies, and one with herbs and vegetables.

  3. K says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. (With some things, I am perfectly transatlantic, but somehow that one doesn’t come automatically to me.) To me, a yard is something paved, maybe where you might keep the dustbins. Or garbage cans – is that right?

    I’m not at all sure what the reverse translation for “garden” would be: flowerbed? Vegetable patch? I’m pretty sure, though, that the split arises because the average British house has so little land attached that we assume every bit of it is meant to be planned and cultivated (or at least covered by manicured lawn). Of course, not everyone does that…

    My back garden/yard is about 35 square metres, of which maybe 20 square metres is lawn. I would LOVE to have more space, but then I was the one who insisted we live within biking distance of the city centre…

  4. Allen says:

    I do love having the space I have here, but it’s a bit daunting. I spent most of Sunday afternoon using a chainsaw to clear broken and downed limbs from trees on my property, and I have many more weekends’ worth of work to do. The big ice storm left us with quite the mess.

    Much of my “gardening” leans toward the “nature preserve” end of the spectrum. I try to clear out enough underbrush that it’s possible to walk through the various patches of woods. We do have about an acre in lawn, which I mow at least a few times during the summer. Still plenty of habitat for bunnies for Tallulah to chase.

  5. Cabell says:

    Poor Dad–he lost his lawn-mowing staff.

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