Great Trailer Homesites of Missouri, vol. 1

I frequently go by here — sometimes it has a trailer here, other times not. At the moment it’s vacant, and what a great opportunity!

Trailer spot with graveyard

It’s on a fairly quiet country road, and it has a really nice view of a valley to the east — right out past those two big oaks. And as an added attraction, just to the right of the oaks, there’s this mini-graveyard:

Robins Mini-graveyard

There’s actually another little stone over to the left that didn’t make it into the picture.  Anyway, a great place to raise kids.  “Eat your peas, honey, or the Robins family will come get you in the night.”

2 Responses to “Great Trailer Homesites of Missouri, vol. 1”

  1. K says:

    Neil Gaiman’s new book was apparently inspired by living opposite a large graveyard in the early 80s. He took his little boy to play there, and was amused by the little kid happily zipping among the gravestones on a tricycle…

  2. Reno says:

    I used to love to bike around the graveyard at the end of my road! Smooth pavement, shady trees, no cars… what more could I want?

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