Party like it’s 1988

Allen in lobster hat

Hannah’s home for a few days, and yesterday we scanned a bunch of pics from old photo albums. For some reason I had missed 1988 previously, so we did a bunch of those, along with a few late 87 and early 89.

Here’s Sophie at Capaha park:
Sophie at Capaha Park

Cabell at my friend’s iris farm:
Cabell in the irises

And Hannah with me and Sophie in the back yard:
Sophie, Allen, and Hannah

2 Responses to “Party like it’s 1988”

  1. Travis says:

    Sophie’s a little young to be heading for the mountains in that last photo, isn’t she? :-)

  2. K says:

    Nice photos. I particularly like the one of Cabell; she looks so peaceful and dreamy!

    I clicked on the Flickr link to the first one and misread the caption as “Alien in lobster hat”. It must be time to go to bed. I do know what your name is!

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