Exciting trip to work

Since yesterday it was pretty warm and sunny, I decided this morning that I would ride my bike to work.  First Robin wanted me to get her car down the driveway (still covered with ice) to the road.  So, about 5:45 AM, Robin and I got in her car, I backed it up and cut to the side so I could turn it around, and … we were stuck.  After considerable rocking back and forth, etc., it was apparent that we weren’t going anywhere.  So, we got in my car, and it was no problem at all turning it around and driving it to the road, where she took over and sped off.  Then I hauled the garbage can out to the road for pickup, and walked back up the driveway.

I fell twice doing that.

Still, the roads looked good, and besides, Robin had my car, so I got the bike out and managed to walk it to the road.  No big problems until I got onto W, where my back tire went flat.

Not a problem.  I now have both a hand pump and a CO2 pump, as well as two spare tubes.  So I fixed the flat — fortunately I was near a pine tree with a bare patch under it, so I didn’t have to squat in the slush to do it.  I had a little trouble with the valve on the new tube, but still got it inflated, although a bit mushy.  Packed up all the stuff and headed on to Y.

Y had a few places that were shaded yesterday and still icy.  Then I got to county road 621.  Eeek.  This road is basically lined with trees right up to the shoulder, and it was all in the shade yesterday.  Much of it was still covered with ice, even though it had been plowed and sanded and salted.   I managed it by aiming for the spots that were the driest or most covered with sand.

Some areas were just lined with broken limbs and sawed-off downed trees that had been cleared from the road.  Every tree over 25 feet tall or so lost its top, it seems — a lot of people will be clearing debris from their yards for a long time.

Still, I got to town, and here I am.  I think I’ll leave pretty early to ride home.   Oh, and I’ll go get another spare tube before I head out.

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  1. K says:

    I don’t think I ever get to complain about riding in hail again, do I?

    Still, I’m glad you made it back out there, even with the flat tyre.

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