Cool video

I’ve probably shown this to lots of people, but this video of cell biology is just really damn cool. Everything in it is consistent with the best models supported by current research, including the little kinesin proteins walking along the microtubules pulling vesicles. If you know some cell biology, it’s fun to watch and figure out what all the things are. If you don’t, it’s still pretty fun to watch.

My only caveat is that some stuff is too directional — when the tubulin proteins assemble to form a microtubule, they don’t swim toward the tip of the growing microtubule. They’re all in there bouncing around randomly, and when they HIT the tip of the growing microtubule, they stick. There are several examples in the video of this kind of directional movement that should actually be random. Easier to animate, I suppose.

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  1. Erin says:

    wow — i hadn’t seen that. pretty awesome. :)

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