I have to quit reading Speak Out

This one doesn’t even pertain directly to me, but it’s just so amazingly stupid:

Courteous walking

WALKERS HAVE the right-of-way at marked crosswalks, but not over drivers. I looked it up. You still have to use caution when you’re crossing. Drivers still have the first right-of-way to the road, even in a crosswalk. I drive through Southeast Missouri State University’s campus often throughout every day because of my job. I’m amazed at the behavior of the kids crossing the street. If you want to talk about the rights of walkers, what about the behavior of the walkers and their interference with the rights of drivers? They stop in the street to talk or wait for someone else. As a common courtesy, I always let students cross. I’ve stopped for them and waved them across. Maybe once a week do I have anybody acknowledge me. College students can whine about their rights to cross the street, but there’s also a certain amount of responsibility on their part to be courteous pedestrians.

You “looked it up,” eh? Not in the Missouri Revised Statutes, section 300.375, “Pedestrian’s right of way in crosswalks,” I’m guessing.

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