Pictures — Ragbrai day 1

Here I am dipping my rear wheel in a pool of Missouri River water. There wasn’t an easy access point in Sergeant Bluff to get to the river itself.

And here I am ready to ride.

This is the first breakfast stop on the route from Sergeant Bluff to Ida Grove — lots of people stopped, and it gives an idea of how many riders there are.

Ida Grove had the theme “One Royal Knight”, because it has a lot of buildings made to look like castles. Jeremy says that these are the work of an eccentric millionaire who lived there. His name was Byron Godberson, and apparently he really liked castles. Anyway, this kid was riding around town in a knight’s getup.

And here I am at my campsite.

Oh, yeah, and here I am with some fairies.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    In addition to being eccentric, when he decided he didn’t like the newspaper in Ida Grove, he started his own newspaper, hired a pro, and ran it out of business. I don’t know if it was run out of a castle.

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