Most groovier-than-thou meal ever

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m trying to give up meat from animals raised inhumanely. I’d already been buying eggs from Family Friendly Farms, aka my colleague Matt Fasnacht in the Chemistry department. I’d heard he also sold chickens to eat, and I finally got around to asking him about this. Turns out that they not only sell chickens, but also pork.  So today I rode my bike over to the farm (about 28 miles round trip) and bought a chicken (4.something pounds at $2.60/lb), some boneless pork chops ($4.50 a pound) and a pound of bacon. Expensive, I’ll grant, which is why we’re just not eating as much meat now.
Family Friendly Farm

This is the farm, and the chickens you see here are the ones that lay the eggs.  I found myself wanting to yell “Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!”, although really I’m unlikely to eat these particular ones — too old.  I am eating their potential children, though. In fact I had two this morning, with toast.

I’m now thawing the (young) chicken that I bought today, which I intend to roast tomorrow.  I was thinking about this, and I think that this chicken will be the first meat (other than fish) that I’ve ever eaten that has never been transported anywhere using fossil fuels.  I should ask Matt — maybe they buy chicks that have been transported from somewhere, although I kind of doubt it.

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