Getting ready for Evolution weekend

February 8-10, 2008 is Evolution Weekend — it’s the weekend closest to Charles Darwin‘s birthday (2/12), and for several years has been celebrated at numerous liberal churches as an opportunity to talk about the compatibility of religion and science. I’m going to lead the program at Cape Girardeau Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, although it’s kind of easy to talk about the compatibility of UUism and science.

Anyway, I was out for a ride today, and on the way back I passed Oak Ridge High School, where their sign announced the upcoming science fair. I was thinking about science fairs that I’ve judged when next I passed the Oak Ridge First Baptist Church:

NOW you tell me, says Darwin

So many things wrong with that sign that I hardly know where to start.

Meanwhile, here’s me in my cold weather gear, outside Oak Ridge.

At B and E

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