Christmas 2007

Well, here we are shortly after opening our stockings — we all got rainbow glasses.

Christmas with rainbow goggles

And here’s Christmas morning viewed through the rainbow glasses:

Christmas through the rainbow goggles

In the afternoon, as always, we went to the Lillys’ house for dinner.

Dinner at the Lillys'

I made roast stuffed pork loin with apple-cranberry chutney. Diana made bread and twice-baked potatoes and broccoli and appetizers. And for dessert we had apple/cranberry pie, cherry pie, fudge, two kinds of cookies, and fat-free sugar-free chocolate cream pie. I was too full to eat any dessert, but we brought plenty home.

All in all, a merry Christmas, although we missed Sophie, who is still in Costa Rica. As is my habit at this time of year, I kept having little mini-panic-attacks all day. Especially at big family occasions, I start to think about all the past holidays when the girls were little,

Hannah with her stocking Sophie gets a cat bookCabell in her new clothes

And then I get this tight feeling in my chest and short of breath and kind of weepy.  It doesn’t make any sense; I’m having a good time with them now, and we had lots of good times before, but it hits me that way anyway.  I guess because they’re only little once, and holidays make it so clear that, while we try to repeat things with ritual, they always change anyway.  Okay, enough of me being a drag.  I hide it by keeping busy and trying to have fun now.

So, I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and here’s wishing us all a happy new year.

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