In this fast-paced world of today in which we live

I was looking in Wikipedia at the list of religious affiliations of presidents, mainly to see how many were Unitarian — 4, indisputably (Adams, Adams, Millard Fillmore, and Taft), although some others leaned that way — and found this tidbit about Taft, who was president from 1909 to 1913:

Before becoming president, Taft was offered the presidency of Yale University, at that time affiliated with the Congregationalist Church; Taft turned the post down, saying that he could not in good conscience accept it because he “did not believe in the divinity of Christ.” (See 1912, James Chace, page 24.)

We constantly hear how our current decline of faith is responsible for terrorist attacks, hurricanes, AIDS, and American Idol, but can anyone imagine any candidate from either party being elected in 2008 after making such a statement?

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  1. K says:

    Whereas in Britain – which seems to be much, much more secular than the US on the whole – Tony Blair’s religiosity is viewed with near-universal suspicion in the press, and Gordon Brown is rather mocked for his manner, which is seen as dourly Presbyterian (his father was a minister).

    Not that modern-day Scottih Presbyterians are particularly dour. Or not compared to the Free Kirk…

    I’m vaguely amused, though not surprised, that all the early Presbyterian Presidents seem to have Scottish names.

  2. K says:

    Scottish. I don’t know. Standards of spelling are evidently declining just as fast as everything else in this degenerate age…

  3. Allen says:

    Yeah, check out this 2006 poll from the Financial Times. 35% of Britons claim belief in God or a supreme being, as opposed to 73% of Americans.

    And of course, it’s hardly an accident that the Presbyterian presidents were Scots. BTW, James Buchanan’s vice president was John Cabell Breckinridge, also of Scottish ancestry and Robin’s first cousin several times removed.

  4. Kind of you to share!

    Would you be ok if I translated a small portion of this post in my German blog? I’d give you full credit for it.

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