Yes, I have electricity

In case anyone is watching the news and wondering, all the ice is in northern Missouri, and we’ve have about a week of cold rain.  I’m a little grouchy because I haven’t been out on my bike for several days, and the driveway has a good-sized pond in the middle of it, but there’s no ice and we have electrical power, etc. 

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  1. K says:

    We had ice here this morning! Only frozen puddles and a thin skim of black frost on the streets, but I nearly came a cropper right outside my front door this morning while fetching the bucket in… Not sure I’ll bike to work tomorrow if it’s like that, since J, cycling in similar conditions two years ago, fell off and broke his scaphoid bone and spent Christmas with a stookie* on. Not really recommended.

    Frustrating not being able to get out, though power is good. (I’m reminded of that quotation from Archer’s Goon: “All power corrupts, but we need electricity.”)

    *Scots for a plaster cast.

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