Coralville to Muscatine

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Coralville, being a suburb of Iowa City, has lots of nice amenities at the campground.  There are several buildings that are open to riders — air conditioned refugia in the beastly heat.  All the RAGBRAI stuff is centrally located in the same park/high school campus area, so you don’t have to ride anywhere after you arrive.  Still, there’s a certain charm to the smaller overnight towns, with beer gardens set up on the courthouse lawn and ‘historic’ downtown districts. 

One thing about a stop so near a large university — I got a really great slice of whole wheat veggie pizza at one of the food booths.  In fact, the food here was so tempting I ate too much and went to bed feeling pretty bloated. 

Coralville to Muscatine

I overslept — it got cool in the wee hours, and I didn’t hear the alarm.  When I got up at 5:20, lots of people were already striking camp.  I felt surprisingly good considering last night’s overeating, and I was on the road by 6:25.  Of course, I then stopped at an ATM and a bagel shop, so I wasn’t really out of town until about 7. 

I’ve resolved to stop at every overnight town this time, since it’s the last day, and a short one.  One stop was at West Branch, which is the birthplace of Herbert Hoover.  They have the cabin where he was born, and a couple of blocks of the original neighborhood restored as they were in his boyhood.  It’s a very pretty town.  Right now I’m in Atalissa, which is pretty small, but the Iowa Telecom truck is stopped here.  I called Robin, and she’s up near St. Louis now.  As it’s only around 18 miles to Muscatine, I’m going to arrive well before she does. 

I’m a little apprehensive about how she’ll be able to navigate to the baggage truck for my stuff, in the middle of the RAGBRAI insanity.  I guess we’ll see.  More later…

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