Thanksgiving photos

Here’s the contortionist turkey:

Spatchcocked turkey

This actually worked out pretty well. Having removed the ribs, spine, and breastbone in advance made carving really easy, especially the breast, which is what most people want to eat. The stuffing underneath was exceptionally moist (i.e. full of grease, but what the hell, it’s Thanksgiving), and got rave reviews. It did get a bit crunchy right on the bottom of the pan, but that didn’t seem to stop anyone from eating it. My roasting pan is a thin enameled-steel job, and I think if I do it this way again, I’ll set it on my baking stone to even out the heat a bit.

I thought the breast was a bit dry, but other people didn’t. Or maybe they were lying.

The pumpkin cheesecake was great. Sorry, no pic, but it’s excellent, and the bourbon/caramel/pecan sauce is incredible. My apple/cranberry pie was good, but unremarkable. Terri views it as a required dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she was happy. I had some for breakfast today.

We watched Team America after dinner; it’s traditional to watch a really bad movie, but this one didn’t really provide a chance to make fun of it — it’s supposed to be like that. I wasn’t too impressed.

Sophie also opened some Christmas presents, since she won’t be here for Christmas.  She’s taking the rest with her in her luggage, unwrapped for security reasons.

Anyway, everyone had a good time. Here we are at the table:

Thanksgiving dinner

That’s Sophie’s friend Chloe, Sophie, Michael, Terri, Robin (hiding), and Walt.

Here are Robin and Sophie:

Robin and Sophie

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving photos”

  1. Cabell says:

    Michael has the best Thanksgiving outfit ever.

    I didn’t know that Terri had changed her hair.

  2. K says:

    I love Sophie’s hat.

  3. Allen says:

    Yeah, it’s a nice hat. Robin made it. She’s a big knitter.

  4. Cabell says:

    K: I have some very similar hats, with varying amounts of pink. Mom makes a lot of such hats.

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