Marengo to Coralville

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I ran into Wesley and Ann downtown, just after I got a pork loin sandwich.  They were looking for food, having just split a polish sausage.  Wesley was very interested to hear about the Belgian waffle guy — he’s trying everything, I think.  Ann said “He eats heavy stuff.  I can’t handle that.” Wesley corroborated that — he had a pork chop on a stick yesterday in the middle of the ride.  “I thought I was gonna need the AMBULANCE!  I mean peristalsis was SHUT DOWN!”  Anyway, they headed off toward the corn on the cob stand and I had some Amish cookies. 

I went by the Pioneer Heritage Museum on my way back to the campground, so I thought I’d stop in.  It was actually pretty interesting.  In the museum proper they had sort of a random assortment of things people had given them: someone’s nice collection of antique salt cellars, a bunch of old military uniforms and paraphernalia from Civil War on, some bridal gowns, a lot of advertising ephemera like old hardware store yardsticks and so on.  They had a lot of stuff relating to Schaffner’s Military Band, from Millersburg IA, including old flyers, the drum with the name painted on, etc.  Outside they have an 1856 batchelor’s log cabin, and the larger one he built when he got married in 1861.  They also have an old railroad depot and a 1930s vintage gas station on the grounds.  I talked to the docent ladies a while about when and how the area was settled, and how it compared with SE Missouri. 

Marengo to Coralville

Got up just before 5 AM today to the sound of a rooster crowing nearby, and I was on the road at 6:09.   It was a short day today, so I resolved to stop at all the pass-through towns.  The most interesting was Holbrook, which was once a big center for Angus cattle sales, but somehow fell by the wayside.  It’s now an “Iowa ghost town” with just a handful of residents.  They have a beautiful 19th century catholic church, with a big round stained glass window behind the altar depicting St. Patrick kicking the snakes out of Ireland, surrounded by a border of shamrocks.  Donated by the Ancient Order of Hybernians. 

Anyway, it was an easy day as well, with a tailwind most of the time, even if it was somewhat hilly.  Only 48 miles, and I averaged 17.0 mph (by the way, yesterday was 78 miles at 16.5 mph).   I got into Coralville at 10:36 AM and had to wait for the baggage truck to unload.  Since then I’ve been mostly at the aquatic center, since it’s beastly hot outside. 

People are waiting for internet, so I’ll stop here.  Only one day left. 

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