Last night I raced in the Helloween Scaredy-Cat in Cape (more later, when I get hold of some pics), so I had the opportunity to see some of the revelers making the rounds of the downtown bars. As I’ve been reading in various places, women’s costumes have become almost exclusively “slutty (nurse, witch, fill-in-the-blank)” in recent years. Definitely the case on the streets of Cape.

Now, I’m torn about this. As a guy, I find it hard to denigrate anything that causes women to wander around showing a lot of skin. On the other hand, as a father of three daughters, I find the whole business a bit disturbing, especially as sexy-whatever costumes are reportedly being marketed to pre-teen girls.

But the thing that really puzzles me is this. Halloween, like other costume festivals (think “Lord of Misrule“), is an opportunity for wish-fulfillment. As a kid, I dressed as a cowboy, for instance. Even dressing as a monster is an expression of the desire to be powerful. And dressing as a slut is an expression of the desire to be perceived as sexy. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to me that societal bounds on women’s sexy dress are that confining these days. Judging from things I see young women wear in class, what’s the big deal about getting to show some skin on Halloween? You’d think they’d want to dress as executives or something.

Of course, there’s also the issue that guys are largely left out of this. What do guys dress as? Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I wore a tasteful little black cocktail dress. Of course, over the long-sleeved cycling jersey and tights, it loses a little something, but it was cool out last night. Yeah, I know what this says about the wishes I’m fulfilling.

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  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for that disturbing imagery…


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