Another Confederate Outpost

I rode my bike to Jackson to get groceries at the WalMart today. On the way back, I took part of the route that I ride normally to and from work. There was a strong south wind, so the flag was showing well at this Confederate outpost.

Another confederate outpost

I never have been able to get a really clear look at this flag — it’s not a standard battle flag, since it has something in the middle with a ring around it saying “The South Will Rise Again.”  Googling that, I was able to find this image:

Nice, huh?  The skeletal Confederate soldier, sword dripping blood… Don’t you wish you lived next door?

3 Responses to “Another Confederate Outpost”

  1. K says:

    Yeah, nice.

    And… why is a German website selling them? Even though it’s apparently a specialist flag merchant’s, I find that very odd.

  2. Allen says:

    Yeah, at first I thought it some bizarre Nazi/KKK international conspiracy or something. Apparently they just sell any kind of flags, though. And they had the largest digital pic of this one.

  3. Reno says:

    How… charming.

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