Hannah is home!

Yesterday I drove up to St. Louis and picked Hannah up at the airport. She’s home for the weekend, giving her a chance to see Sophie before the latter heads to Costa Rica. Hannah’s not coming home for Thanksgiving, so this was her last opportunity. We went out to dinner with most of the Lillys at Cafe ‘n’ Me. I told Hannah on the way home from the airport about this plan, adding “Walt won’t be there because he’s going to the Cape-Jackson football game.”

“That’s tonight? I want to go!”

She didn’t get to, as it turns out. Diana and Terri left today for California, so it was their only opportunity to see Hannah this trip. In any case, the Cape-Jackson game was over pretty much before it started. Jackson won 56-13, which is getting to be pretty typical of these outcomes.  No doubt Hannah would have enjoyed seeing Cape get stomped, but as Walt said, even the Jackson crowd got pretty quiet after the first two or three scores.

Anyway, there will be pics of Hannah visiting eventually.  Tomorrow is the Tour de Cape, so I’ll have pics and a post about that as well.

8 Responses to “Hannah is home!”

  1. Reno says:

    Even if I didn’t already want to meet you because of the biking and science interests, I would want to meet you and Robin so I could meet your daughters. They sound awesome. They both should know that if they ever need a place to stay in Reno, they can look me up. (As can you and Robin, of course.)

  2. Reno says:

    Oh, and have a great time in the Tour!

  3. Cabell says:

    They “both” should know? There are three of us, you know. :p

  4. Reno says:

    I forgot one. Um. Hannah, Cabell, and… um… Help me out here, would you? (And my apologies to whomever I’m missing.)

  5. Reno says:

    Wait, I got it! Sophie, right? There’s a Sophie in the mix?

  6. Allen says:

    You got it. Sophie is living here for until Thanksgiving, after which she heads to Costa Rica to learn to teach ESL. Hannah is here for the weekend, then goes back to Boston University. Cabell is teaching sex in Madison.

  7. Cabell says:

    I’ll be sure to bring my sexpert t-shirt home for Thanksgiving.

  8. Reno says:

    Just don’t wear it if you visit Nevada. (Though I supposed you could, depending on how flexible you are about the verb “to teach.”)

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