Newton to Marengo

More Newton

There’s not much more to Newton, really. I was beat.  I did go downtown and eat spaghetti at the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), which was very good and a great deal, although the apple pie was too sweet.  A guy I sat next to turned out to be the department chair of English at John Wood Community College in Quincy, IL.  We got into a discussion of student writing and its quality*, and what you can do about it and whether the English department can do it all.  I gave him my email address so he can contact me and I can get him in touch with Dave Reinheimer. 

Newton to Marengo

I got to bed early, got up at 5, and found that there was a lot more activity in the campground at that hour than usual.  Today is the longest day, and there’s an optional century loop, so many people were starting early, I guess.  There were also more people on the roadside in chairs, probably because this is the day Lance is riding RAGBRAI.  I got on the road about 6:25, and stopped for breakfast an hour later at Lynnville.  I’d been hearing about the Dad’s Belgian Waffle guy for days, so I thought I’d try them in Lynnville.  He was set up in a little cafe downtown.  I walked in and it was like a sauna.  They’d put all the tables together in a U shape, and they were covered with waffle irons.  “Dad” walks from one iron to the next, pours in batter, and then starts dishing out waffles from the ones that were done.  It was great, but probably better when not in an enclosed space — people said he usually sets up in a barn. 

More later; there’s a big line for laptops, so I’ll take a break. 

* It sucks.

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