Labor day weekend

So, I’m really back close to normal now. Sunday I went for a ride with Tom and Brian, and we did 22 miles. That was the longest since I got out of the hospital, and we worked pretty hard on the hills. I didn’t wear the heart monitor, but I’m sure it was also the hardest I’ve exerted myself since getting out of the hospital.

Today I rode 30 miles, from my house to Millersville and back. I intended to do 20, but when I got to the turning-around point (the foot*), I felt so good that I just kept going. In part it was because today was the first time in ages that I’ve gotten up without a headache. I finally figured out that it’s ragweed giving me sinus pressure, and I took Claritin** before bed. Worked.

So now I’m feeling pretty darn good. I’ve ridden 116 miles in the past 7 days, first time that total’s been over 100 since the hospital. Don’t worry, I’m taking it easy.

I also bought myself some Halt (pepper spray for dogs) in order to train the dog who bit me back in July. Since then he hasn’t come out after me — maybe he knows.

*There’s a mailbox next to a long driveway, and a board cut in the shape of a giant foot on a post next to it.  I don’t know why, but it’s exactly 10 miles from my house.

** Actually generic loratidine, cause I’m cheap.  But the same stuff.  Works well for me, without giving me any drowsiness.

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  1. Jade says:

    I get headaches all the time too. Mostly sinus, but migraines, too. I take the Claritin, but the only things that works is prescription Imitrex. I guess it runs in the family.

  2. K says:

    Hmm, your entries are no longer showing up on my Technorati favourites. I wonder why? (I’m getting a bit fed up with Technorati…)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and that the new bike is on its way to completion.

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