The New Bike is under construction!

As reported earlier, I had Patrick at my LBS order me a Surly Long Haul Trucker frame. It came in, and yesterday I went to see it, dragging Sophie, who was in town with my car. Patrick described the frame as “brick red,” but this is because he’s too straight to have any color sense. To androgynous* me, the color is obviously much more toward the purple end of the red spectrum to be brick — Surly calls it “Black Cherry Pearl,” which is actually a pretty good description. It’s a deep red with sparkly bits.

We’re still working on the components. The shifters are here, and we have a triple crankset for it. The saddle is a Brooks B17 standard in natural tan leather, and Patrick suggested handlebar tape to match**. I’m thinking I’m going to go with a 12-34 cassette, which will give plenty of climbing power with the 52-42-30 triple crank. I could go as low as 24 on the granny gear, but I have a feeling that it would be hard to pedal fast enough even to stay upright in the 24 front — 34 rear gear combination.

Today I need to stop by and try a handlebar to see if it’s an appropriate width for my puny shoulders. And we have to talk about a rear rack and panniers.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s here. She and Robin and I went out to dinner last night. Now Sophie’s looking for work.

*Walt’s always talking about how I’m in touch with my feminine side. And remember, I know which side of a sterling silver knife should have the monogram on it.

**Hmm, quite the fashion sense there.  Maybe Patrick’s in touch with his feminine side more than we think.

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