MO2NO Picture Post Day 8

It wasn’t that far from Columbia, MS to the Louisiana border.  The road I was on did have a lot of pulpwood trucks, which made it seem longer.  Here I am at the Louisiana line.

Soon I could see I was really in Louisiana — check out the live oak with Spanish moss.

From there, on to a very welcome sight — my sister’s house in Pearl River, LA.

And then a celebratory dinner.

13 Responses to “MO2NO Picture Post Day 8”

  1. K says:

    Is that actually the Grim Reaper on your bike shirt? And what’s a live oak?

  2. Jade says:

    Hey, nice Grateful Dead bike jersey! How are you feeling?

  3. Allen says:

    K, as Jade points out, that’s the Grateful Dead on the jersey. It’s based on the cover of a live album released in 1971, officially titled “Grateful Dead,” but commonly known as “Skull and Roses.” It matches my tattoo.

    And Jade, I’m feeling much better, thanks. I’ve been riding the bike for several days now and feeling very good.

  4. K says:

    You know, I should have got that. Sorry.

  5. Jade says:

    You probably know about this because you also have the Sea of Holes jersey, but it seems there’s a whole slew of cool rock n’ roll themed jerseys available online.

  6. Allen says:

    Yeah, I actually wound up with the Grateful Dead one because I was admiring a Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced jersey at my local bike shop. They only had an XL, and it’s been discontinued. But then Patrick went through the catalogs online with me and that’s how we came up with the Grateful Dead and Sea of Holes jerseys. I’m also hankering for the Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother jersey.

  7. Jade says:

    Very cool! Does it have the cow on it?

  8. Gerard says:

    Ditto the nice jersey! What a looooong, strange trip it’s been (or was).

    My kids bought me a Steal Your Face bike jersey for xmas a couple of years ago. Maybe the VG bike club could have a Deadhead ride some Sunday!?!

    By the way, I’ve enjoyed your documentation of your ride to NO. Let’s hope you can do this sort of thing again soon.

  9. Jade says:

    And did you know my mom got to meet Jimi Hendrix when she lived in NY in the 60s? :) I am very proud of this.

  10. Allen says:

    Gerard — Thanks. I’m gradually working back up to normal mileage now, but I’m taking it slow. A deadhead ride sounds like a good idea.

    Jade — Actually, I think I did know that, but it is pretty impressive anyway.

  11. Allen says:

    Oh, I forgot K’s question about live oak. Live oaks are oaks that aren’t deciduous. There are actually a number of species of oak that keep their leaves year round, but the one that is in the pic is the Southern Live Oak. It’s sort of emblematic of the Deep south plantation. Especially when it’s draped with Spanish moss.

  12. Cabell says:

    I’m actually more impressed that Vicki either threw a drink at Theresa Soder (Jello Biafra’s ex-wife) or had a drink thrown at her by the other woman–I forget exactly how it went, although I THINK it was the former. But I guess I am just a punk kid.

  13. Jade says:

    She was definitely the thrower not the throw-ee! I also think I remember hearing about someone being pushed down some stairs. Scary.

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