MO2NO Picture Post, Day 7

This was the day I left the Natchez Trace and headed south along the Pearl River.   First I had to get through Jackson, which I achieved by getting on the road at 5 AM.  This means I got to see the state capitol, but it was pretty dark.

I had my second breakfast in the town of Terry, MS, a few miles south of Jackson.  The restaurant, shown here, was called Scoops.  Not only was I the only white person in the restaurant, I think I was the only white person in town.  I walked in the restaurant and there was a young woman behind the counter.  Looking at the menu, I asked for the full breakfast.  This didn’t involve a lot of choices.  You get scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and biscuits.  And if you don’t know enough to tell them not to, they then squirt some liquid fake butter stuff all over the top of everything.  Not what I would have chosen, but I’m sure it provided lots of calories.  As I was getting my plate, a man came in, pretty obviously the owner.  “Hey, we’ve got a long-distance cyclist in here! Is that you?”  I allowed as how it was.  What the hell, I was the only person in the place wearing spandex.  He asked about the trip, etc., and I told him all about it.  “So, you doing this to raise money for a charity or something?”  No, I’m just on vacation.  A pause.  “You’re a doctor or something, aren’t you.”

I had to admit to being a college professor.  I guess it makes sense.  Nobody who does manual work for a living would do this for a vacation, I guess, and you’d have to make enough money to afford a fancy bike, etc.  Doctor is a good guess.

Some distance further south I passed this place, where it appears a person with a seriously warped mind got hold of some sign-making equipment.  You should click on the photo to see a larger version so you can read all this wacko stuff.

Near as I can figure, this guy’s schtick is that, contrary to standard evangelical doctrine, we have NOT all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Rather, some of us are sinners and are going to burn in hell, and others, like wacko sign guy, are not sinners and are going to have a good laugh later on watching the rest of us.

This was the day that I found that the “water park” in Monticello, MS was a huge disappointment, and a girl at a convenience store directed me to ride on River Road to Columbia.  Here’s a shot of River Road showing the lovely cooling shade (and total absence of traffic, so I could just park in the middle of the road and take pictures).

Near Columbia I crossed Holiday Creek, where I was able to walk down and wade a bit.

Here’s the view from the creek.  My bike’s parked up there at the end of the bridge, if you look closely.

I got to Columbia and spent the night in a motel.   Also ate Mexican food.  Lovely town.  Here’s the courthouse.

2 Responses to “MO2NO Picture Post, Day 7”

  1. K says:

    Doctor does seem like a good guess… my brother and his girlfriend (each two-thirds of a doctor) cycled from Edinburgh to Glasgow along the Union Canal just for fun earlier this summer. Not that this compares to MO2NO, but give them time; they’re only 22.

  2. Allen says:

    And they’re only 2/3 doctors, as well. I’m sure by the time they’re full-fledged, they’ll be riding to India or something.

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