Back on the bike!

Yes, yesterday I called my doctor and asked him if I could start riding again.  I suggested 10 miles a day, down from the 30 I was doing before.  He suggested 5.  So this morning I rode … well, actually 6 miles, because my cycle computer is broken and I know where the 3-mile turnaround is, but not 2.5.  It feels great to get out on the road again.

He also said I could drink in moderation.  Me: “Can I have a glass of wine with dinner?”  Doctor: “Yes, but not the whole bottle.”  So call me Mr. Moderation.  Or Dr. Moderation, if you prefer.

I have an appointment with him again in 2 weeks, and we’re going to discuss where I might go in St. Louis for further diagnostic expertise.  As in, why the hell did this happen?  I’d like to find out.

I saw a co-worker in the hall yesterday, and she asked how I was, and then said, “Well, now you’re going to have to change your diet.”  To which I said “In what way?”  She didn’t have a direct answer for this.  I was puzzled, but then later, I was thinking that she probably imagines that my clotting was related to cholesterol or something in the arteries.  Actually, my HDL and LDL levels are great, and my arteries are totally clean (except the ones in the kidneys with the blood clots).  About the only thing I know I should do with my diet is reduce consumption of green leafy veggies that have lots of Vitamin K.

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  1. K says:

    I suppose there’s probably a tendency to assume that men aren’t as healthy eaters as they might be, but that was a strange assumption of your co-worker’s…

    Could you really eat enough vitamin K to endanger yourself, in the normal way of things? I remember Cabell mentioning the need for leafy-veg avoidance at the time of her clot trouble…

  2. Allen says:

    There’s no indication that normal people can overdose on Vitamin K. It’s only an issue when there’s some reason you want your blood NOT to clot at a normal rate.

  3. Cabell says:

    I did wonder if, in addition to a possible release of abnormal quantities of vitamin K and estrogen into my bloodstream, my weight loss regimen in 2005 might not have also contributed to my clot by leading me to consume vastly more green leafy vegetables than ever before.

    My hematologist never thought I should avoid spinach, though; he just said I should eat it consistently so that my warfarin dosage was appropriate.

  4. Allen says:

    Yeah, of course now we’ve settled on a warfarin dosage based on my current diet, which is low on spinach and power bars (which are supplemented with vitamin K). So if I go back to eating as I normally do, it’ll probably throw off my dosage.

  5. reido says:

    Yeah, Moderation… everything in Moderation… Especially Moderation…

    heh, heh

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