MO2NO Picture Post, Day 5

This was my first full day on the Natchez Trace.  On the way back to the Natchez Trace from the campground were the Owl Creek Mounds, an archaeological site.  Here’s a view of one of them from the top of the largest one.

A lot of small roads cross the Trace without intersections — here’s a red clay county road that was especially picturesque.

Along the Trace, every 5 miles on average there’s a historical site, or a nature marker, or something.  Here’s the stupidest one I saw in about 150 miles of Trace.

Some portions of the old Trace have been preserved and maintained in something like their original state.  This was once the equivalent of an interstate highway into the West, when Mississippi was the West.

Here I am parked at French Camp.  You can see the thunderstorm in the background getting ready to drench me in the last few miles before Kosciusko.

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