MO2NO Picture Post, Day 4

Also known as the Day of Mississippians Being Really Nice to Me. I got up in the morning, struck camp, and pulled the trailer up the long climb from the lake back to the main (ish) road. Soon I crossed the Tippah River, and a nice river pic is a good way to start the day.

I had eaten before leaving, but by this time I was trying to make a habit of finding a place for a real sit-down breakfast in the midmorning. So for second breakfast I chose this place in Potts Camp, mainly on the basis of the large number of pickup trucks parked around it. Yeah, it’s a gas station, but in back there’s a diner where the waitress calls you “hon” and yells insults at old guys as they come in the door. I went up to a couple of guys at a nearby table and asked the best way to New Albany, and after a long discussion we agreed on MS 178 all the way. My first major departure from the plan, and it worked fine.

Just outside New Albany I passed this nice example of a dogtrot log cabin.

New Albany is where William Faulkner was born, but the Faulkner museum was closed Mondays, so that wasn’t much use. There’s a marker where he was born, but the original house was torn down and replaced with a fairly boring one. I continued south to Pontotoc, which had a nice second-place trophy.

Also in Pontotoc, this beautiful house. I just wanted to go hang out on the porch and sip a mint julep.

Shortly after leaving Pontotoc, I realized I was a bit short on Gatorade, and the road started getting hilly. At the top of a particularly long and steep hill I found the aptly named Hilltop Grocery. This is the place where the guy sent his daughter out to ask if I’d like some ice, which they provided free for all my water bottles. Also the place where I got a really yummy peach fried pie.

After some more hills, I came to a yard with a sign saying “Tomatoes.” This is the guy who wound up giving me some tomatoes, which, due to his failed knee surgery, he’s been taking care of this year from a power chair.

I soon reached the Natchez Trace Parkway. I had a reservation for this primo campsite at Davis Lake, in the Tombigbee National Forest.

This is where my neighbors were Elbert the retired trucker and his extended family, who fed me and had me over to play bingo. Here’s Elbert (although I actually took this photo the next morning)

And here is the bingo game. I won a plastic lawn squirrel.

3 Responses to “MO2NO Picture Post, Day 4”

  1. Reno says:

    What? No photo of the squirrel?!

  2. Allen says:

    Sorry. I’ll get right on that. The squirrel has been languishing in the back seat of the car ever since I got back from NO and went to the hospital.

  3. Erin says:

    yeah, i too was disappointed over the lack of squirrel picture.

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