MO2NO Picture Post, Day 2

This may actually be evening the first day at Reelfoot Lake, but it could be morning too.  I forget.

I expected to encounter a lot of cracked, poorly maintained, spoke-breaking nightmares on the country roads that I had chosen for their low traffic.  In fact, many of them were in amazingly good condition.  This is Bluff Road, which heads south from Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee, and was a real pleasure to ride on.

I passed a lot of little hole-in-the-wall bars on this trip, but Doug’s Place has to be the most inviting of the bunch.  Just to top it all off, it’s on Dew Drop Road.  I was a little nervous stopping to take a picture, but I figure that 7:00 on Saturday morning is about the safest time to be there.

I made a special detour in my route so that I could visit Nutbush, TN, home town of Tina Turner (and also Sleepy John Estes).  I was hoping at least for postcards to send home, but in fact, there was only this building, with a “closed” sign on the door and a stripped-bare interior.  Welcome indeed.

I forget where I first encountered the term “second place trophy” for a Confederate war memorial.   I expected everyplace to have one, and I tried to photograph as many of them as possible.  Actually, I was surprised by how many county courthouses did not have one.  Hell, Cape Girardeau, MO has one, and Missouri was in the Union.   Cape Girardeau itself was Grant’s headquarters at times, and you can bet that all the Germans in the area were fighting for on the Union side.  Some people just love to be oppressed, I think.  Anyway, this is the courthouse in Brownsville, TN, seat of Haywood County.

2 Responses to “MO2NO Picture Post, Day 2”

  1. Travis says:

    Cabell couldn’t believe that I knew Tina Turner was from Nutbush.

  2. Allen says:

    I’ll tell you, everybody in West Tennessee knows it. Even if there’s absolutely nothing in Nutbush. A lot of people, when I mention this excursion, quote some song of hers. I’m not a big enough fan to know it. I just found out by reading up on places I was planning to go through.

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