Ida Grove

Robin got me to the campground about 7 AM, and I got my enormous bag safely onto the truck.  It was a bit of a struggle getting it out of the car — after carefully stretching all the bike muscles, I managed to pull something in my upper back lifting the damn duffel bag.  However, I’m managing okay, so I guess it’s not a disaster. 

I didn’t make it to the river with the bike to dip my back wheel, but they kindly provided a big pool of Missouri river water at the campground — I’d upload the pic, but it’s too big.  I’m at an Iowa Telecom trailer writing this, so I don’t have access to any software to upload other than through WordPress.

Now I’m at Ida Grove — got in about 10:30 (distance: 54 miles, average speed: 18.6 mph).  I found a spot for my tent near the baggage truck and waited for them to open it — that took a while, and in the process I met my prospective neighbors.  One guy is 81, and has been on every RAGBRAI since it started (this makes 34).  The modal age is about mine, I’d say, although there are all ages around. 

Had a shower in the open-air enclosure, lots of scrawny old naked white guys.  I have seen a couple of persons of color on the ride, but either most are too smart to do this, or it’s Iowa, and they don’t live here, for the most part.

Next on my list? I’m not sure.  Maybe the pool.  Or maybe a beer somewhere and some lunch.  I haven’t had pie yet, although I did get a piece of mulberry/rhubarb crumble at Bronson, one of the pass-through towns.  I also sent an empty envelope to Robin as a mementon — the local post office did a special RAGBRAI cancellation.  No doubt she’ll be puzzled, as I don’t think she reads this. 

By the way, if you only read this blog and not my LiveJournal, note that I had to post on LiveJournal yesterday because the blog wouldn’t take posts from the computer at the hotel.  Hoping this one works better.

Apparently so.  Anyway, today was the hilliest day, and it wasn’t too bad.  I think my usual routine of climbing hills in North Cape County prepared me pretty well for long, gradual Iowa hills.  That said, I spent some long times at over 170 beats/min.   I kept thinking I would find someone going about my speed, and we could take turns drafting each other, but all I ran into were people who were doing 25 mph and people who were doing 15 mph.  So, I sort of hopped from group to group.  Judging from the number of people in the campground when I arrived, and the number still pouring in now, three hours later, I was toward the front.  Maybe I’ll find some people to ride with here. 

There’s a sign for Karaoke. 

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