Pat’s Birthday Ride

The fourth? annual Pat’s Birthday Ride met up at Pat’s house in Cape at 7 AM today, and we were on the road by 7:30. We started out with 8 — Cory and Jeremey, a couple of Pat’s friends from Ste. Gen.; Barney; the Neeses, Cody and Derek; Steve Schaffner; Pat; and me. Here we are at Pocahontas Village Park:

We made excellent time going up to Ste. Gen., arriving a little after noon – average speed while on the bikes over 17 mph on a very hilly course. We did have a slight tailwind, though. Of course, there was a bit of a delay when Barney had a flat just before the Perry county line.

Pat helpfully blew out the sidewall with his C02 pump, so Barney wound up patching the tire with a Power Bar wrapper.

Derek and Cody turned back at Brazeau, as they had planned — Cody was sprinting for town limit signs and generally looking very well recovered from his knee surgery. The Ste. Gen. guys took off at Ste. Gen., and four of us headed back. Well, briefly five, as Chunk, a friend of Pat’s from Ste. Gen. was going to ride back to Cape with us but bailed during the first hill about 4 miles out.

We did pretty well up until about mile 100, which happened to be right around where it starts getting really hilly again. By that time we were all feeling it quite a bit. Here’s Pat topping the big hill at Menfro, with Barney in pursuit (Schaffner was the Big Legs title holder for the day, topping pretty much every hill first on the way back).

Pat’s wife Robin met us with food and drink (and kids) and drove Sag Wagon much of the way back. All went reasonably well, if a bit fatigued, until we got to the Pilot House, when the storm that had been chasing us all the way from Ste. Gen. finally broke. It was a deluge. We could barely see where we were going the last 3 or 4 miles. Still, we got back to Pat’s, and went out for pizza after.

138.5 miles, 16.0 mph average while on the bikes. Total time, just under 11 hours. Good thing Pat only has one birthday a year.

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