Tour de Corn

I’ve completed the first part of my weekend double header:  The Tour de Corn.  As it turned out, it was actually both easier and faster than I had anticipated.  I drove down to Sikeston, where I met up with Tim Sanders.   Along with his friend John, we rode over to the high school tennis courts, where we met several other people who wanted to extend the TdC to a century ride.  Four of them had driven down from St. Louis.  Anyway, we got on the road a little after 6.  We needed to make the 20 miles to East Prairie by 7:30, but as it turned out this wasn’t a problem.  Turns out a few of the people on this ride were feeling their proverbial oats, and the rest of us just sat behind them and enjoyed the ride.  We got to East Prairie way early, averaging around 23 mph.

Then, when the actual ride started, St. Louisans Bob and Dessa on their tandem took off like a shot.

Again, I sucked wheel for a long time and we basically flew.  We finished the 60-mile TdC with an average over 20 mph.  Here’s the gang at the finish:

Tim, me, Bob, Dessa, Alice, Pat (of the Birthday Ride), and Ed.  We then took it easy riding back to Sikeston, but at the 100 mile mark my time was 4:58, so I was still over 20 mph average.

Now I’m home, resting, eating, and drinking to prepare for Pat’s Birthday Ride tomorrow.

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