Big weekend

In the spirit of getting ready for an insane journey to New Orleans, this weekend I’m hoping to ride a total of 240 miles.  Tomorrow is the Tour de Corn, and I’m meeting some people in Sikeston so we can ride 20 miles to the start of the ride, do 60 miles, and ride 20 back to Sikeston for a 100-mile day.   Then Sunday is Pat’s Birthday Ride, in which we ride from Cape Girardeau to Ste. Genevieve, MO and back — a total of 140 miles.

Yeah, it’s stupid.  Highs both days in the 90s.  I’m hoping for a thunderstorm.  Rain or not, it’s good practice for riding through Mississippi in July.

Anyway, I’ll have my camera, so there will be pictures later.

2 Responses to “Big weekend”

  1. K says:


    That’s a long way. Good luck.

  2. Reno says:

    What she said.

    Good luck, and may every rain shower in the area find you.

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