Here’s my bike, with the trailer, at Yount cemetery.  Note that I’ve replaced the flag that came with the trailer (It said BOB, advertising the manufacturer) with an American flag.  I was persuaded by my friend Don Stahlheber that, while riding through rural Mississippi in spandex shorts, this might improve my life expectancy.  The guy who was planning to run me down might hesitate to dishonor the stars and stripes.
“Shoot, if you must, this old gray head, but spare your country’s flag.”

Sure, I’m a patriotism whore, but it’s my country too.

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  1. kevin says:


    Will you be collecting coprinus on the way to NO?


  2. K says:

    OK, I have James Thurber to thank that I even vaguely recognise that quotation.

    I want to hit the road now, though. My brother and his girlfriend cycled the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Glasgow yesterday (70 miles – peanuts to you, but still) and it’s made me feel like going on a bike adventure…

  3. Allen says:

    Oh, that’s right, I’d forgotten Thurber’s illustrations of that poem. I think we had to learn the thing in school or something.

  4. Cabell says:

    I’m familiar with that poem mainly from the episode of Futurama where Zoidberg eats the World flag during Freedom Day and is sentenced to death by the Supreme Court.

  5. Allen says:

    Interesting how this poem reverberates through pop culture.

  6. Allen says:

    Kevin– I guess if I see some Coprinus, I’ll try to get spores, but I’m not really much of a field mycologist. Okay, hardly at all, unless you count picking morels.

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