What a great wife I have

Robin went to town to do some errands today, and when she came back, she said “I got you a present.  I know it’s not father’s day, but you’re not my father.”  And gave me this:

That’s right, it’s the Sea of Holes bike jersey.

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  1. K says:


    That is seriously cool.

    Although I’ve never seen Yellow Submarine (or heard of the Sea of Holes) I was nonetheless able to identify the art right away. Now that’s a distinctive visual style…

  2. Carla says:

    Now that is a fantastic bike jersey. What a neat gift!

  3. Travis says:

    Wow. That is the perfect gift for you.

  4. Allen says:

    K- Never seen Yellow Submarine? How can this be?

  5. Cabell says:

    Oh, THIS is what Travis was talking about. I seem to remember hearing about it before so I can only assume you were actively coveting it. It is a great bike jersey.

    K: Never seen Yellow Submarine? o.O

  6. binnielula says:

    Like my other family members, I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that K has not seen Yellow Submarine. For years it wasn’t available as a video but boy did we jump on it when it finally came out. And we still have the plywood yellow submarine wired w/ tiny Christmas lights that Allen used to put out on the hillside. Now the hillside is totally treed in, but we really should find another spot. Maybe we could mount it on the south end of the house.

  7. Reno says:

    A truly fabulous gift.

    I assume it ‘as an ‘ole in its pocket?

  8. K says:

    Born at the wrong time, maybe?

    Also, my memories of the song itself are somewhat coloured (ha!) by its popularity among children’s entertainers and pantomime actors in my childhood. I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen a British pantomime, but imagine the song sung in very Scottish accents by a man dressed as a woman with 200 small children yelling along, and you’ll have it.

  9. Mary says:


    I have the other Bike Jersey with the Yellow Submarine! The one you have looks amazing!!!

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