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In a 1999 poll, people were asked if they thought that Jesus would come again in the millennium from 2001 to 3000. Results:

bullet All persons surveyed : 52%
bullet Evangelical Protestants: 71%
bullet Non-Evangelical Protestants: 48%
bullet Roman Catholics: 47%
bullet Non-Christians: 20%

The one that got me was the 20% of non-Christians who agreed with this. What exactly do these people believe? What exactly do they mean by “non-Christian?” They believe Jesus is coming again, but they don’t care? Or they think he’s coming again, but they don’t think he’s God — just a guy with a special sort of super-power? Or they think he’s coming again, but they plan to be fighting on the side of the devil? I’m puzzled.

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  1. Cabell says:

    I just would have thought the Catholics would be lower.

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