I came, I saw…

While most of the Cape Bicycle team was up in Washington, MO for a circuit race, Don Hinkebein and I opted for the local bike club’s monthly time trial. Two laps on a 4.5 mile course, gently rolling hills, over in Southern Illinois. There were, I think, 8 people there, including one woman who had to be at least 80. We started in succession, one minute apart. I passed four of the riders in front of me, and toward the end of the second lap I could see Don up ahead as he crested a hill. That whetted my appetite a bit, and I worked pretty hard on the last climb. Hard enough, apparently, because I beat Don by 8 seconds, to take first place.

Oh, sure, none of the other people race, but you can barely say I do, based on my results from the two official races I’ve been in. I’m absurdly stoked over this minor victory.

Of course, I’m sure that Hellbender will ensure that my swelled head doesn’t last for long.

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