Taum Sauk 2007

Once again, we got a bunch of people together and rode up to the top of Taum Sauk mountain, highest point in Missouri.  The ride starts at Marble Creek campground on E road, and goes up E about 13 miles to MO 21.  That part is mostly gentle upward grade, with occasional hills.

Here we are on E — that’s Rick waving.

Then a couple of miles south on 21, hilly and a lot of traffic.  Then a right onto CC road, and three miles up to the summit.  That last three miles includes about 500 feet of climb, in three major hills.  The middle one, to the top of Russell Mountain, is about half a mile at 9% grade.  I always get my heart rate up near the max on that one.

Here we are at the summit.  From left: John Greenfield, Blake ?, Rick Brindell, ? , Pat Koetting, me, Joel Allison, Cody Nees, ?, Derek Nees.

People whose names I didn’t catch: my apologies.

More pics at my Flickr page.

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