For the second year, I helped Robin by serving as a chaperon at the Spanish Club lock-in at the high school.  It’s interesting to me how easy it is to stay up all night; I got there at 8 PM Saturday and left at 6 AM Sunday.  While I was occasionally a little sleepy, I didn’t really feel bad at any time.  The other interesting thing is how completely debilitating it is the next day.  I slept from 7 to about 11; I would have slept longer, but I just don’t sleep well when it’s light.  Then I got up and graded exams, and lay around all day doing very little.  Even some really nice sunny weather didn’t induce me to go for a bike ride.  It’s now almost 10 PM, and I’m beat.

As for the lock-in itself, there was a treasure hunt that didn’t really go very well — some of the clues were indecipherable, and people wound up not following directions, and there were some hard feelings.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that Robin wasn’t feeling well and was in a bad mood.  I’d say the best part was playing Spanish Scrabble.  I was kicking butt until I had to go pick up the food about 11 PM.

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  1. kicking_k says:

    It’s true – though there comes a point in the next day where it isn’t worth taking a nap, because you (or I anyway) feel worse on waking than if no nap had been taken.

    On Friday/Saturday this week I didn’t go to bed until 5… a stupidity I thought I’d left behind. (I was working, not partying.)

  2. Allen says:

    I’m really lousy at taking naps. Once I’m asleep, I need to sleep for hours or else, as you say, I just feel worse afterward.

  3. Reno says:

    Me too on the naps. B takes a 20 minute nap almost every afternoon and can’t understand why I don’t. I can’t understand how he does it.

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