Floyd looking better all the time

So I’ve been following the Floyd Landis doping case ever since the Tour de France; the best place for extensive information on it is in Trust But Verify.  The case against him has been looking worse and worse — the sloppiness of the lab testing is pretty unbelievable.  Now the LA Times has just published a story detailing even more problems with the lab protocols.  I never really believed that Floyd was dirty — he seemed so honest and straightforward in interviews (and maybe I just wanted him to be, as well).  Maybe I’m biased, but I think he’s going to be cleared, and back in the TDF this year.

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  1. Patrick Jenkins says:

    Hello, I dont know if im leaving a message in the right spot. But I was looking up Ida Grove for something and found this website with the rag-brai pictures and got a good kick out of it because that “royal knight” is ME.

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